Welcome to A-Z Roofing & Contracting!

The owners of A-Z Roofing & Contracting, LLC have been serving the general construction and roofing needs of the Alabama and Tennessee businesses and residents for well over 20 years. We pride ourselves on developing a long term relationship with our customers, listening to their needs and then suggesting the proper course of action; be it insurance claims, additions, preventive maintenance, repair or replacement.

A-Z Roofing & Contracting specializes in custom renovation. We are your dedicated partners in your rennovations and are available to meet your needs, from doorknobs to million-dollar custom homes. We specialize in all types of kitchen, bathroom, basement and addition renovations.

Your roof is one of the primary protections for your family, and we take it seriously! We can even create the foundation that your entire home sits on. We are a company that provides home protections in many ways!

We carry Workers Compensation insurance for all staff. We carry these policies to protect you from liability from unforeseen yet possible very unfortunate and costly events. In the state of Alabama, contractors are not required to have Workman’s Compensation Insurance. This means that if a worker is injured while working on your property, and the contractor chose to not insure their workers, you will be exposed to serious liability and the possibility of lawsuits. Also, call the insurance agent listed on the insurance certificates of coverage to verify coverage is in effect during every project.

Our team of professionals at A-Z Roofing & Contracting are both courteous and professional. Whether you are a current customer, a subcontractor, or a potential new home owner, you will receive the treatment and great customer service you deserve. We strive for you to be completely satisfied!